Monthly Archives: January 2014

Blogs to look at

The Team Fortress Official Blog

Despite the explicit name, this blog features some impressive fan art and is a lot in line with what I’d like to do

This blog seems to focus on strategy and other gameplay-related things.


Twitter accounts to follow

Valve Time is a Source community contributor’s best friend when it comes to advice for mod tools and tutorials.

The Team Fortress 2 Wiki is a one-stop shop for all information related to Team Fortress.

The Twitter for the official Team Fortress 2 Blog

Jerma’s official Twitter. Jerma is a Youtuber who makes Team Fortress commentaries.

STAR_’s official twitter. STAR_ is another TF2 Youtuber who generally reviews new weapons the day they come out.


About My Blog

As a long time fan of the game Team Fortress 2, a reasonably skilled player of said game, and someone who hopes to one day work on the development team for said game, I thought it most appropriate for my blog to be focused on all things Team Fortress.

Inside you will find a number of entries detailing aspects of game balance both in a competitive environment and a casual one, my insights into why Valve updates the game the way it does, and highlights of the lore of the game.