I could go on forever about how I despise this site for what it’s done to trading in Team Fortress 2, but my professor asked me to keep it around three hundred fifty words, so I’ll try to summarize it as concisely as I can. is an online price guide where the community votes on what prices go into the guide. On the surface, that doesn’t sound too bad, and it seems more inherently trustworthy than TraderEmpire, the other main price guide for trading, which is run by one guy who has, in the past, had accusations of price manipulation leveled at him, and certainly a valuable thing to have in as cutthroat an economy as Team Fortress has. People will use every dirty trick in the book to try and make a profit, up to and including hijacking accounts(I’ve seen five phishing attempts made on my account in the past week, random accounts who add you and say “add this guy for trade, he can’t add you for some reason” and then giving you a link that anyone with an eyeball in their head can see is fake.) and lying about how much things usually go for.  However, the issue with lies in the fact that not very much proof of a new price is actually required to start a vote(5 trades on Outpost is the minimum). This obviously opens up the possibility for enterprising sharks having a few of their friends make fake trades at the price they want, and then submitting that as “proof.”  Also, the admins of the site are corrupt, as power is wont to do to people, and they often give prices of things small nudges here and there so they can make a profit. This whole thing wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that a lot of traders treat this site like their Bible, and anyone who goes against its draconian standards is called a “scammer” by the aforementioned sheep. I use it as a guide for my pricing, but I use it as what it is: a guide. It’s not reliable enough to be used as the official standard for trading.


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