Editing a Team Fortress Wiki page is about like you would expect editing a wiki page to be. I had the pleasure of editing a page a while back to add a picture of the Villainous Violet Specialized Killstreak sheen on a Detonator. It was later overwritten after the contributors decided to go with pictures of a Heavy with a Professional Killstreak Minigun with the different killstreakers and sheens(For killstreakers: Hypno-Beam, Flames, Fire Horns, Tornado, Cerebral Discharge, Incinerator, and Singularity. For sheens: Team Shine(Has red and blue variants), Deadly Daffodil(yellow), Villainous Violet(purple), Hot Rod(pink),  Mean Green(lime green), and Agonizing Emerald(A darker green).)which actually accomplishes the same thing in fewer pictures. I go by Specialized Killstreak Demopan on the wiki.

The style guide available on the wiki is quite helpful, as it contains sections on most of the different things you would need to know about the writing style expected of wiki contributors. By and large, the wiki is written formally, much like Wikipedia is. However, pages on the wiki don’t generally require a source as all the data about a given weapon or cosmetic can be gleaned from the game itself. However, certain things like trivia about the origins of a given item or said item’s name do often require links.

Wikis are sort of like friends in that some come with additional benefits. The Team Fortress 2 Wiki is one such wiki. Every so often, a Wiki Cap will be rewarded to significant contributors to the wiki, which is a special hat in Team Fortress 2 that has a sparkle particle effect attached. The latest Wiki Cap recipient is shown on the front page of the wiki.

(I know it’s short, but I’m falling asleep)


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