Steam Powered User Forums

(I know this is a few hours late, but I fell asleep in the middle of writing it)

Ah, yes, this site. I have some pretty strong criticisms of this. Because this site is one of the only things Valve actually listens to, it’s become a popular place for bad players to go complain about perfectly balanced weapons, and because of it, some of the community’s favorite weapons have been significantly nerfed(that is, made to be less effective, like taking the bullets out of a gun’s magazine and replacing them with nerf darts). For example, due to bad players complaining about the Natascha’s slowing effect, the effect has been changed so much from its original form that it is now nearly useless, and on top of that, the weapon has been given a thirty percent slower spin up compared to the default Minigun. Most of this complaining was from bad Scouts who did not know how to counter a Heavy as Scout(what is strafing, my boy?)

However, I must give credit where credit is due, the site did report a number of game-breaking bugs that made the game almost impossible to enjoy(One exploit with the Ubercharge canteens in Mann Vs. Machine basically allowed everyone to gain god mode for the entire round and made it way too easy to win rounds of Expert and get Carbonado and Diamond Botkiller weapons, and as a result, the prices for those weapons dropped significantly.), and they were responsible for a lot of much-needed changes, such as a nerf to the Enforcer back when it was a direct upgrade to the stock Revolver when paired with the Dead Ringer. To sum up, the weapon had a twenty percent damage bonus but caused the user to have a longer cloak blink time, it was a direct upgrade when paired with the Dead Ringer because the Dead Ringer’s cloak does not blink when touching an enemy or taking damage.

The Steam Powered User Forums are kind of a double-edged sword. Allowing just anyone to post means that they are usually flooded with “Pyro is overpowered” and “I’m bad at the game, please nerf this weapon so I can feel useful” threads, but it does pave the way for certain needed changes to take place.


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