Monthly Archives: May 2014

Users looking to trade for items to make a cool looking loadout should look at this website to see what the combination of cosmetics they’ve picked out looks like. simulates the hat simulation portion of the game, allowing you to see what certain cosmetics look like together without having to pay for the items themselves. The shop screen in the Mann Co. Store only lets you preview one cosmetic at a time, and this site lets you view up to 3 together, plus allows you to see paints and weapons. This really does not affect gameplay at all, it’s just a fun thing for traders to use.


End of the Line(Filter)

End of the Line is a short film made in Source Filmmaker set for release sometime this year. The video’s release will coincide with a community update by the same name, which will focus on weapons, maps, and fixes for game glitches. The video itself will be brought to us by none other than James McVinnie, the man who made the SFM video known as Practical Problems, a hilarious short film about a spat between two Engineers on opposite teams on ctf_2fort. Needless to say, when word about this update got out, there was much hype among the fans. I am very excited about this upcoming video and the accompanying update, because maybe we will actually be getting some new weapons that aren’t reskins of years-old existing weapons.