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Users looking to trade for items to make a cool looking loadout should look at this website to see what the combination of cosmetics they’ve picked out looks like. simulates the hat simulation portion of the game, allowing you to see what certain cosmetics look like together without having to pay for the items themselves. The shop screen in the Mann Co. Store only lets you preview one cosmetic at a time, and this site lets you view up to 3 together, plus allows you to see paints and weapons. This really does not affect gameplay at all, it’s just a fun thing for traders to use.


End of the Line(Filter)

End of the Line is a short film made in Source Filmmaker set for release sometime this year. The video’s release will coincide with a community update by the same name, which will focus on weapons, maps, and fixes for game glitches. The video itself will be brought to us by none other than James McVinnie, the man who made the SFM video known as Practical Problems, a hilarious short film about a spat between two Engineers on opposite teams on ctf_2fort. Needless to say, when word about this update got out, there was much hype among the fans. I am very excited about this upcoming video and the accompanying update, because maybe we will actually be getting some new weapons that aren’t reskins of years-old existing weapons.

TF2 Warehouse(Filter)

This site is a good site if you want to buy something but you don’t want to deal with all the brain-addled people on Outpost. To put it simply, you sign up and then sell your unwanted items to a bot for site credits, which you then trade in for items that you do want. Unfortunately, currency items like metal and keys tend to constantly be overstocked, so it’s not often you can get the bot to buy them from you, but the site is a good way to get specific hats without encountering a SELLING BASEBALL BILL’S SPORTS SHINE FOR 5 REFINED PRICE IS FIRM type trader.

What revolver to use?(Connector)

(Again, sorry this one is late, I fell asleep in the middle of writing it)

Spy is a very tricky class to use. A lot of Spy gameplay revolves around your enemy not knowing you’re there, and when they do inevitably notice you, the jig is up and you need to have something to fall back on. You can try to go for a corner stab or a stairstab, but those are tricky to pull off, and it’s best to just pull out your gun and shoot them. There are two main revolvers that are the go-to options for Spy: the Ambassador and L’Etranger. The Ambassador gains guaranteed critical hits on headshot, so it’s good for a Spy who’d good at aiming while moving, and if you can trick your opponent into chasing you in a straight line, you can easily kill them if you know what you’re doing. If you want to go with a safer bet, L’Etranger is the better one because it helps you recharge your cloak quickly if you get caught with your suit pants down. Since most Spies use the Dead Ringer, and that can only be activated at full cloak, the 15% cloak on hit is a useful thing for a Spy to have. Even more so now that they have removed the set bonuses and given L’Etranger a 40% longer cloak time on wearer.


I spent most of today watching some of the most hilarious gameplay clips from this guy. The idea behind NISLT is that people send him clips of funny fails or cool moments in Team Fortress 2 and then he adds voice clips from the characters. This one had me in stitches when I first watched it, mainly because I have been guilty of the exact thing the Sniper in the video was doing(running in circles attempting to hit a cloaked Spy), and it reminds me of myself when I was but a newbie. His “How to Sap a Sentry” videos are funny as well, and they demonstrate that even after a total of 15 years in development(9 before it was released and 7 from then until now) it still has some hilarious, game-breaking bugs.

Steam Powered User Forums

(I know this is a few hours late, but I fell asleep in the middle of writing it)

Ah, yes, this site. I have some pretty strong criticisms of this. Because this site is one of the only things Valve actually listens to, it’s become a popular place for bad players to go complain about perfectly balanced weapons, and because of it, some of the community’s favorite weapons have been significantly nerfed(that is, made to be less effective, like taking the bullets out of a gun’s magazine and replacing them with nerf darts). For example, due to bad players complaining about the Natascha’s slowing effect, the effect has been changed so much from its original form that it is now nearly useless, and on top of that, the weapon has been given a thirty percent slower spin up compared to the default Minigun. Most of this complaining was from bad Scouts who did not know how to counter a Heavy as Scout(what is strafing, my boy?)

However, I must give credit where credit is due, the site did report a number of game-breaking bugs that made the game almost impossible to enjoy(One exploit with the Ubercharge canteens in Mann Vs. Machine basically allowed everyone to gain god mode for the entire round and made it way too easy to win rounds of Expert and get Carbonado and Diamond Botkiller weapons, and as a result, the prices for those weapons dropped significantly.), and they were responsible for a lot of much-needed changes, such as a nerf to the Enforcer back when it was a direct upgrade to the stock Revolver when paired with the Dead Ringer. To sum up, the weapon had a twenty percent damage bonus but caused the user to have a longer cloak blink time, it was a direct upgrade when paired with the Dead Ringer because the Dead Ringer’s cloak does not blink when touching an enemy or taking damage.

The Steam Powered User Forums are kind of a double-edged sword. Allowing just anyone to post means that they are usually flooded with “Pyro is overpowered” and “I’m bad at the game, please nerf this weapon so I can feel useful” threads, but it does pave the way for certain needed changes to take place.

Network Neighborhood Post

This blog is a good example of a supernode blog. It is well connected with a lot of fan artists in the TF2 fanbase, it has a number of servers, and they even organized the Tumblr Vs Reddit competitive matches(Which I will be applying to take part in season 2 of). It is run by multiple people, and they take turns answering asks sent to them.